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Technology Properly Applied

Making technology work for you. Hardware and software solutions that brings more value to your business - a competitive edge.
Headquartered in Houston Texas, we are a full service technology firm offering consulting and special technical services.

Reliability, Performance, and effective results

For over 30 years we have designed, built and implemented engineering, business and integrated systems. We bring the latest ideas and technology to bear to solve our customer's most pressing issues. We are helping startup and Fortune 500 companies grow.

Creativity and Innovation

We work creatively. We get beyond what is usually viewed as customary or accepted. We create new ideas and innovative ways to approach and solve problems.

Software Analysis, Design and Development

Reach your customers where they are. Mobile and web design and development.

You can carry safety topics with you to meetings. Simply register and you can add safety topics yourself.

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For work or play - with Squigglers you can draw on pictures taken from your mobile device or draw on the canvas with friends and family.

Houston has history beneath its feet! Catalog and check them out with the Blue Tile Project.

Take a picture, draw on it. Send it to your coworker. Simple. ClickDraw!

Quiz on Tap brings together the fun and excitement of online quizzes with the opportunity to learn more about new and popular products. Visit QuizOnTap.com for more information.

Our Clients

A technology services company.

Stamps for everything. Accessories and supplies also.

Water and wastewater process control.

Share your coastal lifestyle. Create and publish events to share your coastal experience with family and friends.

Quality Equipment and Transport - For all your liquid or dry bulk transportation needs.

Demand Flow Technology manufacturing training from the father of the approach.

Quality systems to purify water and air in your home.

Website Portfolio

Kickerrs.com website

Quality Equipment and Transportation website

Aqua Life of Houston website